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There is no platform for musicians with disability, very little in the way of funding - and therefore access to the often-necessary technologies: it is virtually impossible for anyone from this community to make a living as a professional musician.

Charles Hazlewood

ParalympicsThe British Paraorchestra survives through donations and support from a variety of people and institutions. If you’d like to support us through donation please use the Paypal process opposite, it’s secure, guaranteed and easy.

Most of our funding goes into facilitating travel and accommodation for our players, many of whom are dependent on full time personal assistants and travel with wheelchairs and other special equipment. As you can imagine that’s often a major challenge of logistics and accessibility.

We’re working hard to make every penny count and always welcome enquiries from people who want to help.

Do contact us if you would like to talk about structural, corporate or institutional donations.

You can donate online, by credit or debit card via paypal. Do get in touch if you need any other way of making a donation. 

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