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Queens Christmas broadcast 2013The British Paraorchestra gives your company the flexibility to learn and be part of the Paraorchestra family, whilst supporting key areas of our educational and artistic work in the UK and internationally.

We are very happy to discuss how we can help meet your needs and engage you meaningfully in our ambitions for the future.

Exciting opportunities include:-

  • World-class performances
  • Employee invites to see the Paraorchestra
  • Artistic commissioning opportunities
  • Assistive technology, educational research and development
  • Transport costs for our disabled musicians

Benefits may include:-

  • Dropping into an 'open' rehearsal and improvisation led workshop
  • Interacting with our musicians and Artistic and Music Director
  • Taking part in a touch tour of instruments.
  • Experiencing our assistive technology first hand and new instruments being developed
  • Attending events, workshops or performances
  • Bespoke marketing opportunities

For more information about corporate opportunities please contact Jonathan Harper, Executive Producer or call 07970 285064.

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