Only 10 films in the world have been selected as finalists and Towards Harmony, A Musical Integration is one of them.

Produced & directed by Phoebe Holman

We are really proud to announce that Towards Harmony is being screened at the Manhattan International Film Festival in New York City, in March 2018. The Manhattan International Film festival is one of the World Youth Alliance’s (WYA)  cultural endeavours.

Three things they engage with specifically are:

  1. Promoting the dignity of the person in international policy
  2. Encouraging solidarity between developed and developing nations
  3. Building a Culture of Life

The World Youth Alliance participates directly at the United Nations, European Union, and Organization of American States. The WYA focus on three areas of work, advocacy, education and culture.

They have 19 offices globally and Towards Harmony could be screened in a number of them. Here are just a few of the locations they work in, United States of America, the Philippines, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico and Belgium.

Thank you WYA for such a wonderful opportunity of showcasing the Paraorchestra across the globe.