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Glastonbury 2017 PLAY! and Father John Misty...

26th Jun 2017 16:56
Glastonbury 2017 PLAY! and Father John Misty...

And that we did. Glastonbury 2017 was spectacular this year, with the inspirational Charles Halewood leading his epic Army of Generals integrated with members of the British Paraorchestra on the Williams Green Stage.  The 20 - piece orchestra performed their new show PLAY! an array the most memorable, nostalgic and iconic computer game themes from the last four decades.

The Williams Green stage was a fantastic venue to play at, with a super enthusiastic crowd that just kept expanding as the set went on. Thank you to Glastonbury for being such a wonderful festival.  


Father John Misty

In some other incredible news, we were absolutely ecstatic that members of Charles Hazlewood’s Army of Generals were asked to perform with Father John Misty and his band. The headline slot was held at the one and only John Peel stage, Saturday 24th June at 9pm. The show was attended by a 20,000 strong group of serious fans. This was a seriously special gig to be a part of, if you missed it, please catch up on BBC IPlayer, it will be available untill Monday 24th July.  

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