Composers Charlotte Harding and Lloyd Coleman
Conducted by Charles Hazlewood

kraftwerk-rewerk is a ground-breaking new musical experiment, taking Kraftwerk’s iconic album Trans Europe Express as the starting point for a thrilling symphonic trip, created by composers Charlotte Harding and Lloyd Coleman.

kraftwerk-rewerk is a new hybrid music as much about Ligeti’s earbending soundscapes as late 70’s beats – all scored for a 39 piece ensemble, an intoxicating mix of symphonic and electronic instruments, from drum machines, to bass oboes and electro harps.

Each and every sound made onstage will be amplified to the max, turning the orchestra into a giant synthesizer in which those sounds are crushed, filtered and distorted.

This wild sonic adventure is played for the first time ever at Simple Things 2017 (21 October 2017) by the joint masses of Army of Generals and The British Paraorchestra, and conducted by Charles Hazelwood.

Commissioned by The Paraorchestra and Friends and Simple Things
Produced by The Paraorchestra and Friends
Supported by Arts Council England