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Logic Pro and Mac Ipad

Lyn Levett

We have been given a level playing field to be professional.  This opportunity to be seen as musicians is unfortunately unique but hopefully set a precedent for other musicians with a disability. 

It all began in the late 80's.  Lyn bought a Commodore 64 inch computer from Boots that had a music package and was hooked instantly.  She then went on to have music lessons from Community Music Wales and become a music tutor in Cardiff.  Lyn has also released a single and a twelve inch.

Lyn has cerebral palsy and produces music on a Mac using Logic Pro.  She uses a trackball to input notes and other actions. Lyn also has an iPad with several music apps and operates the pad with her nose.

Today, Lyn’s aim is ‘to produce the highest possible music in my studio. I'm currently exploring performance programs for the iPad and hope this will improve interaction with other musicians’.

Lyn has been described as producing the ‘most dizzyingly brilliant electronic music' by Artistic and Music Director Charles Hazlewood. Lyn's recent accolade was to be awarded Unstoppable of the Month in April 2013.


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