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Charlotte White

Charlotte White is a trombonist based in Brighton, UK. Despite having had 5 major abdominal operations over the past 7 years, Charlotte is actively gigging in several bands, the most prominent being reggae singer Hollie Cook, having regularly toured to France and the rest of Europe, sharing a bill with artists such as Method Man, Stephen Marley and Max Romeo. With Hollie Cook, they played support for The Stone Roses reunion gig at Heaton Park to an audience of 70,000. She has also recorded several sessions for reggae producer Prince Fatty.

After suffering from an acute and chronic illness called ulcerative colitis (similar to Crohns disease), Charlotte had to have her large intestine removed in an emergency operation. Following that, she has had further abdominal surgery in which an 'internal pouch' has been constructed out of her small intestines. This prevents the need for a permanent ileostomy (an external bag). A propensity to dehydration, difficulty in absorbing food, and other elements can make combining this with being a touring musician difficult at times, but she wouldn't change it for the world!

Despite a classical training originally, it was Charlotte’s love of reggae and ska that made her pick up her trombone again after 10 years of not playing. Having originally intended to play a bit for fun, the momentum soon picked up, and she has played in many bands at venues and festivals all over the UK.

Other current projects include Voodoo Love Orchestra (New Orleans-style brass band voodoo-style), big band Studio 9 Orchestra and performing with reggae artist Solo Banton and The Upper Cut Band.





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