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Paul Holzherr

"I feel proud and uplifted to be part of a group whose aim is to conquer disability through music."

Paul is a guitarist based in Brighton, Sussex. He was first encouraged to pick up a guitar by his sister when he was 12 years old and is largely self taught. Paul maintains music was an important part of his life and the foundation stone of his musicality.

Paul's involvement in the Brighton music scene was abruptly cut short in 2004 when he broke his back in a paragliding accident in India while taking part in a world championship competition in the Himalayan foot hills. He spent two weeks in hospital in Delhi before transferring back to Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the UK where he stayed for a year. Paul maintains: 'A spinal cord injury is a hard punch to take. The goal posts on life's playing field have moved'.

Paul asked for his guitar to be brought into hospital where he started working on some new collaborations. 'Music is a life blood and a source of inspiration. It has helped me to deal with the trauma of being confined to a wheelchair. When I am playing music with other people, I feel energised once more and my disability fades away!'

As well as with the Paraorchestra, Paul also plays guitar with 'A Plucked Orchestra' in Brighton who perform in and around Sussex.

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