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We collaborate with an array of brilliant artists and organisations to create ground-breaking work for the broadest range of audiences.  We recognise that each new relationship we build helps generate positive change for professional disabled musicians working in the mainstream.

Head and shoulders image of Caroline Bowditch. A white female in her 30s or 40s, she has short, bright cerise coloured hair, she wears a black sleeveless top and a large Frida Kahlo necklace

Caroline Bowditch


Choreographer for The Nature of Why

Logo. In cream and khaki. A play button in a circle. Text reads Bristol Plays Music

Bristol Plays Music

Education and Learning Partner

Anatomy of the Orchestra was first presented by Bristol Music Trust

Logo. Black uppercase text in a rectangle reads Bristol Beacon

Bristol Beacon


Paraorchestra are an Associate Artist of Bristol Beacon

Logo. Turquoise shape blends the letters E and B. Text reads Extraordinary Bodies

Extraordinary Bodies

Artistic collaborator

Collaborators on Terry Riley's In C

Caucasian male in his sixties, talking

Rolf Gelhaar

Rolf Gehlhaar (1943-2019)

Former assistant to Karlheinz Stockhausen, composer, and assistive-technology instrument designer, Rolf was a revered accomplice in the early years of Paraorchestra; He, alongside his son Vahakn, have been critical friends to us, and we honour his memory.

A white male in his 50s, grey hair and beard, he appears to be talking to someone, using his hands to articulate his point

Will Gregory

Musician & Composer

Composer for The Nature of Why Special guest musician on Thunderbirds are Go!

White male in his forties, brown tousled hair

Jason Hazeley


Dramaturg for Minimalism Changed My Life

White male in his 40s, curly hair

Chris Levine

Light Artist

Lighting Designer for A Celebration of David Bowie (Glastonbury Festival 2016)

Psychedelic colours of pruple pink green and orange

John Minton


Filmmaker / Live Visuals Director for Minimalism Changed My Life

Logo. Grey uppercase font reads Unlimited followed by a bright pink ellipsis


Commissioning Partner

Unlimited commissions for Paraorchestra and Friends include The Nature of Why

Black and white image of Adrian wearing flat cap and dark glasses, leans on an acoustic guitar in front of a mixing desk

Adrian Utley

Musician and producer

Special guest musician in The Love Unlimited Synth Orchestra, Death Songbook,Terry Riley's In C and Thunderbirds are Go!

As a registered charity, Paraorchestra and Friends gratefully acknowledges funding from: