We’ve launched our new website!

This website has been hugely anticipated by everyone here at the Paraorchestra and Friends. Over the last five years we’ve been involved with – and are about to launch – some enormously exciting projects, and now we have a swanky new website, much more in keeping with the work we are doing, that will showcase them to the rest of the world. It has just launched; literally, this is our first blog post and I write this two days before we go live, so, we anticipate a few small glitches/bugs (whatever those techy folk call them). Forgive those, we’re ironing them out and polishing it up.

Most importantly, however, we have made a huge leap forward in making our website much, much more accessible. We worked with Bristol-based agency Fiasco Design to design and a develop a website that we feel is both beautiful AND accessible. We spent time looking at suitable font colours, contrasts and sizes, looking at examples of industry-leaders in this field, and, learning all sorts of tricks we can do when uploading content to ensure it is accessible to as many differently abled individuals as possible. This is the first step, we realise that we’ll need to keep evolving the site and would be keen to hear from anyone who has any thoughts on how we might improve on this.

In the meantime, have a mooch, see what we’ve been up to, and feel free to tweet us and tell us what you think!

(Oh, and you can read our Access Statement here.)