Following the devastating news of David Bowie’s death in early 2016, Charles Hazlewood, searched for the perfect project to celebrate virtuoso’s life and music.

an immense symphonic climax to rival even the loudest rock band.
Financial Times

Few can argue that one of Bowie’s finest moments was his album Heroes. It therefore felt totally appropriate to plunge deep into his back catalogue and present this seminal work, re-expressed and reasserted by the great Philip Glass, an artist whom Bowie cited as a massive influence on his own work. Glass takes the musical essence of Heroes and re-expressed it through his unmistakable and hypnotic brand of alchemy.

a poignant and immersive performance.
The Independent

The concert was first presented as the headline performance on The Park Stage at Glastonbury Festival, the first orchestral ensemble to ever headline a main stage at a music festival. This intense yet celebratory symphonic journey featured Army of Generals and The British Paraorchestra and was accompanied by a sonic laser performance by acclaimed light artist Chris Levine.

Army of Generals and The British Paraorchestra from left hand side of stage, harpist and charles in focus

On stage at Glastonbury 2016 with the Army of Generals and The British Paraorchestra. Photography by Lily Holman.

Lasers flashed, familiar refrains from the album echoed around the modernist composition, and a sombre sort of beauty filled the night air. This was Glastonbury 2016, displaying what humanity is capable of both socially and artistically, instilling hope for the future. The Guardian

In December 2016, the project was re-formatted for concert halls and expanded to include Philip Glass’ Low Symphony alongside his interpretation of Heroes.

…at all times the pieces were always vital, immersive and compelling…Hazlewood and the orchestra give a truly incredible performance that earns them every last second of the standing ovation they receive at the end.
Gig Soup Music

Philip Glass. Heroes symphony no.4
Glastonbury Festival 2016
Charles Hazlewood conducts Army of Generals and The British Paraorchestra, in collaboration with Chris Levine

Philip Glass. Low symphony no.1
Philip Glass. Heroes symphony no. 4
Colston Hall, Bristol / Nottingham Royal Concert Hall / De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill
Charles Hazlewood conducts Army of Generals and The British Paraorchestra

It’s pretty damn trippy.
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