Enter this live sound installation exploring the workings of an Orchestra.

The orchestra is a thing of wonder. It is also, invariably, a thing of mystery: a huge number of musicans playing in perfect time. How does this happen? The Anatomy of the Orchestra is part concert, part installation, providing a thrilling opportunity for the audience to climb inside this perfect team, to immerse themselves in its mechanisms and to explore its process.

In its first outing, The Anatomy of the Orchestra will turn Colston Hall’s foyer inside out, as a total of fifty-one musicians – directed by the Charles Hazlewood and drawn from Army of Generals and The British Paraorchestra – will be spread across the four levels of the atrium to play The Four Sections, a rare work for symphony orchestra by the highly influential American composer Steve Reich.

“Armed with an astonishing and enveloping piece of pulse music – Steve Reich’s The Four Sections – and a giant orchestra arranged like a sculptural installation, I can promise each and every visitor to our Anatomy a quite extraordinary sonic adventure.” Charles Hazlewood

Join us on Saturday 21 April 2018 for this unique occurrence and walk amongst the orchestra as it plays, creating your own sonic mix from each section. You can move between floors, walk towards the trombones, stand behind the oboes, wander between the double basses, or just fix yourself in one position and let the music flood your eardrums.

Produced by The Paraorchestra and Friends. First presented as part of Bristol New Music Festival 2018.


Please visit the Colston Hall website for further information and timings.