A raucous, technicolour pop-parade-come-street-party; SMOOSH! is a rip-roaring wind and brass band performing pop-karaoke classics on the move. 

SMOOSH! invites residents and visitors to dance and sing along in magnificent, cacophonous, communal karaoke – a ‘massaoke’!

Paraorchestra’s musicians are joined by local musicians and an army of dancers to perform a track list of songs by artists such as Fatboy Slim, Kate Bush, Basement Jaxx, and Adele.

SMOOSH! comes to BD:Festival in Bradford

Saturday 27 July

Join us at BD: Festival in Bradford city centre where we’ll be performing SMOOSH! as part of a two-day celebration of outdoor theatre, circus, dance, music and art.

It’s free, inclusive and family-friendly. Just turn up and join the fun. For more info visit visitbradford.com/BDFestival


Lit by the sun from behind a white female dancer stands amongst musicians. Street setting.
A black male plays a large drum, arm raised, he is smiling
A light skinned female dancer swings her hair in front of a band playing drums and sousaphone. Outdoor setting
A troupe of colourfully-dressed dancers strike a pose as they stride down Brighton seafront. It is overcast but sunny, giving the scene a gold-grey hue.
Brighton seafront. A dancer in a pink t-shirt leans into a tight circle formed of three male percussionists play snare drums and cymbals mounted to their wheelchairs. Behind them, a colourfully-dressed crowd of musicians and spectators dance on.
A young male dancer wearing a blue singlet raises his hands above his head on the Brighton seafront as brass and percussion players parade behind him. To his left, a smiling teenage boy imitates his pose.
Colourfully-dressed brass and percussion players mingle amongst dancers as they perform in a suburban cul-de-sac. Members of the public look on, smiling.

SMOOSH!  has previously hit the streets of London with joyful performances in Plaistow, East London and the Southbank, as well as Glastonbury Festival’s theatre and circus tent and the seafront of Weston-super-Mare.

Composed by Emma-Jean Thackray
Directed by Charles Hazlewood
Choreography by Tom Jackson Greaves with Beth Hinton-Lever