There has been a lot of talk over the past year about doing things differently as we emerge from the pandemic. About how our sector could collaborate better, share resources, think of new ways of doing things.

A few months ago, a conversation about capacity in our respective organisations led MAYK and Paraorchestra to wonder what would happen if we pooled our resources to solve a problem: namely having the time or capacity, as our organisations grow, to continue to build lasting relationships with audiences through effective and imaginative communication.

We’d worked together before on The Nature of Why, which premiered at Mayfest 2018, and it’s clear that both organisations believe in creating experiences for audiences that don’t fit the established ways of doing things. So what if we applied that approach to the way our organisations ran too?

The result is a first for both organisations – a new full-time Marketing and Digital Manager working across the marketing and communications activity for Paraorchestra and MAYK.

We’re really excited about this new role. This isn’t two part-time roles bolted together; we genuinely want to see what happens when someone works for two organisations as part of the same job. It’s an opportunity to work for two arts organisations based in Bristol but working nationally and internationally, in different fields but with shared values and a desire to break the mould.

As this job is a little different, we’d be happy to have a conversation with you in advance of your application to discuss the role. If that’s of interest you can drop us a line at either or

Click here for more information on the Marketing and Digital Manager role and a job pack.

Applications and Job Pack


Image: The Nature of Why at Mayfest 2018. Credit Paul Blakemore